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Covid-19 with regards to home inspections

Good news from the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) ! Home inspections are considered an essential service. " Home inspectors performing a home inspection in the context of a real estate transaction process are implicitly included in the List through the language of paragraphs 67 and 70, or paragraphs 67 and 1 or, alternatively, perhaps paragraphs 67 and 65. In other words, when home inspectors are asked to perform a home inspection as part of the real estate transaction process, then they can be said to be supporting the work of an essential business performing real estate agent services (paragraphs 67 and 70).

  • "Paragraph 65 of the List reads, as follows: “Professional services including lawyers and para-legals, engineers, accountants, translators”;

  • "Paragraph 67 of the List reads, as follows: “Land registration services, and real estate agent services and moving services”;

  • "Paragraph 70 of the List reads, as follows: “Businesses that support the safe operations of residences and essential businesses”;

The impact of Covid-19 is evident, and we want you to know that at DMD Home Inspections, we are taking the situation very seriously. In light of recent concerns, we've taken extra measures to ensure the safety of our clients and of course, ourselves. All our inspections will now be conducted wearing masks and latex gloves, keeping proper sanitation at the forefront. If you are ill on the date of your inspection, please let us know so that we may take the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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